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Fast Feud was made for the DES310 module over the course of 14 weeks for our client Near Light!

Gameplay Trailer


You're a pizza delivery guy for a newly opened fast food chain - Checkers Pizza.

Your goal is to deliver pizzas whilst fending off waves of enemies thrown at you by competing pizza chains!


Fast Feud is intended to be played with a controller only.

  • Left Stick - Move
  • Right Stick - Aiming & Shooting
  • Triggers - Brakes
  • Right Bumper - Accelerate
  • Left Bumper - Reverse
  • B - Switch Weapons
  • Y - Pick-up/Deliver
  • View Button - Map
  • Menu Button - Pause

Soaring Turtle

Alasdair Downie - Character / Prop Artist

Angel Iliev - Gameplay Programmer

Daniel Gillott - Producer / Sound Designer

Lova Belykh - Technical 3D Environment Artist

Nathan Fordyce - Gameplay Programmer

William Gower - UI Artist & Level Designer

Sean Balfour - Gameplay Programmer


Fraser Simpson


Near Light

Third Party Credits

Menu Music

Level Music

Delivery Sound

Logo Font

Score Font

UI Font

Trailer Music

Install instructions

  • Download the .zip folder
  • Navigate to the .zip folder
  • Right-click the folder and select 'unzip folder'
  • Launch the 'FastFeud.exe'  file inside the folder


Fast Feud 1 GB
Version 1 May 17, 2022
Press Kit 201 MB
Version 1 May 17, 2022

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